What are the Euro Blog Awards?
Blogs in Europe deserved a prize and this is the first contest made only for European blogs and videoblogs

What blogs are eligible?
Blogs that take part in this contest have to be written in any European language and must have been updated at least once in the last 30 days. They can hold text, photos (photoblog), audio (podcast) or videos (videoblog or vlog).

Where can I submit my blog?
You don’t need to submit your blog. Experts from 12 countries will select the best blogs written in their language. If you keep one of the chosen blogs, we will ask you for some information about your blog.

Who will win?
We will have two winners: the best blog and the best videoblog. They will be selected in a special ceremony in Bilbao on April 24th. A total of 12 experts will evaluate (and give points, like in the Eurovision Song Contest) the 12 blogs and videoblogs that made it to the final.

How will you select the finalists?
11 experts will select at least 10 blogs and vlogs in their language and another expert will select the same number of blogs written in the rest of European languages. Afterwards, Internet users will be able to vote for the selected blogs thru Facebook. Only one of them will make it to the final, together with one videoblog. This means that there will be 12 finalist blogs and 12 finalist videoblogs.

Why 11 experts?
There will be one expert for each of the top (most spoken) 10 european languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian and Italian. Besides, we added the Basque language, as the final will be held in the Basque Country. The 12th expert will select 10 blogs and a videoblog written in any of the other European languages, such as Dutch, Swedish, Romanian, Catalan, Scottish, Finnish, Danish, Czech, Bulgarian, Hongarian, etc.

What will be the evaluation criteria?
1. Relevance in its country of origin, measured by the number of links
2. Creativity in design and multimedia elements
3. Number of feedbacks
4. History of the blog (years providing service)

Who organizes this contest?
This contest is part of nonick, a social media and online video event which will be held in Bilbao on April 24th and 25th. It’s a non-profit event. We don’t get paid for doing this.

How do members of the jury select the best blogs in their language?
It’s a discretionary decision. We only suggest them to select at least:
– The 5 top blogs in terms of relevancy (somehow, also traffic)
– 1 videoblog
– 1 niche blog with the best content
– 1 blog with the best design
– 1 blog with the most and best interactions with users
– 1 innovative blog


Who are the jury members:
The whole list is in the page titled… Jury 

Which are the dates for the contest?
Online votes start on April 14th and close on April 23rd.
The ceremony of awards will take place on April 24th.